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Office of Historic Alexandria

Slave Pen

Alexandria, VA

Architecture: The SmithGroup
Exhibit Design Consulting: Proun Design, LLC
Size: 3,500sf
Reference: Gretchen Bulova, Director, Office of Historic Alexandria

Proun Design, in collaboration with The SmithGroup, developed a master plan for the interpretation of the building at 1315 Duke Street in Alexandria, VA—the former site of the largest slave pen in the country. Countless individuals were “processed” on this site. Coffles of men and women were marched from Alexandria to plantations as far south as New Orleans—over 1,000 miles!

Informed by stakeholder engagement sessions and virtual workshops, we developed an interpretive master plan that includes passive and interactive interpretive exhibits, media, commissioned artwork, and places for reflection and dialogue. Exhibits will engage audiences with various interests and understanding of the subject through a variety of exhibit modalities.

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