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... bridging two and three dimensional design.

The term proun (sounds like "noun") has its roots in the political, economic, and artistic revolution of Eastern Europe in the early 1900s. Architect, designer, painter, and theorist El Lissitzky coined the term to describe a series of paintings that he created between 1919 and 1925. These abstract compositions combine flat planes of color, linear elements, and three dimensional geometric shapes in ways "that defy expectations of normal spatial relationships". These explorations became the basis for future works by Lissitzky ranging from the typographic covers of MERZ and BROOM, to Pressa, an exhibit on the Soviet press that featured vertical conveyor belts of moving graphics. El Lissitzky's proun, though only a small portion of a lifetime of artistic exploration, symbolize the bridging of two and three dimensional design. At Proun Design, LLC we strive to design graphics that blend the message with the environment—that bridge two and three dimensional design.

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