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Cody, WY

Exhibit Design: N.B. Paffett Associates, Inc.
Exhibit Graphics: Proun Design, LLC
Area: 10,000 sf

Who didn't grow up playing cowboys and indians? Buffalo Bill, Chief Sitting Bull, Annie Oakley...
if it weren't for the entrepreneurial genius of William F. Cody, these names would be lost in obscurity and our heroes may well have been Oliver Twist and the Artful Dodger.

William F. Cody was Buffalo Bill—a showman and a businessman. But he was also a scout for the U.S. military, a pony express rider, a bison hunter, a trapper, a guide, rancher, hotelier, and husband among other things. Best known for the Wild West Show that entertained millions across the country and even in Europe, his reenactments of Custer's Last Stand solidified the world's perception of the American Wild West.

N. B. Paffett Associates, Inc. was contracted to lead the design of the new exhibits interpreting the life and times of William F. Cody. proun developed the overall graphic aesthetic for the in-house design staff to implement. Typography inspired by show posters and colors informed by Frederick Remington’s ethereal impressions of the West flavor the visual interpretation of the subject and complement­ the original artwork, photos, and artifacts in the collection.

Above, studies show the development of the graphic aesthetic for the new permanent exhibits.

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