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Edsel & Eleanor Ford House


Grosse Pointe Shores, MI

"Chris, the quality of the graphics on all counts is superb!"
-Bill Firstenberger, Museumcroft

Exhibit Design: Museumcroft/Snodgrass Design
Exhibit Graphics: Proun Design, LLC
Area: 2000 sq. ft.

Edsel Ford, Henry’s son, was instrumental in influencing the design of many of the automobiles that Ford produced, from the Model A in 1928 to the Lincolns of the 30’s and 40’s. “As president of Ford Motor Company from 1919 until 1943, Edsel Ford focused on automotive styling. This same commitment to design shaped every aspect of his life, including the architecture, landscape and interiors of his Gaukler Pointe estate. Edsel’s attention to style made his world different by design.”

Museumcroft and proun were contracted to design an exhibit in the garage at Edsel’s estate at Gaukler Pointe that features three of Edsel’s favorites: the 1934 Brewster Town Car, the 1938 Linkoln K and the 1941 Lincoln Continental, acclaimed by Frank Lloyd Wright as “The most beautiful car in the world”. Interpretive exhibits provide visitors with insight into how Edsel’s interest in modern design influenced the design of these automobiles. Interactives allow visitors to try their hand at designing their own “classic” or race against such notables as Al Unser, A.J. Foyt, and Mario Andretti at the Indianapolis 500 Wii Playstation.

An esthetic of muted colors and classic, yet modern, type treatments gives the graphics an understated elegance that beautifully complements these classic automobiles.

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