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Dallin Museum


Arlington, MA

“Beautiful job on a difficult and important journey to highlight and prioritize Indigenous perspectives.”
—comment in guest book

Exhibit Design: Proun Design, LLC
Media: RLMG Inc.
Fabrication: WB Inc.
Budget: $55k
Size: 100 Sq. Ft.
Open: 2022

Cyrus Dallin (1861-1944) was a celebrated sculptor, educator, and indigenous rights advocate. Born in Springdale, Utah, Dallin grew up among the Ute people and maintained a great respect for their culture and devoted much of his career sculpting monuments that pay homage to Indigenous peoples. Proun Design in collaboration with the Dallin Museum redesigned the gallery that features maquettes of many of Dallin's most significant pieces. An audio program pairing quotes from Cyrus Dallin with commentary by Forrest Cuch, an elder from the Ute Tribe, provides insight into the relationship Dallin had with the Indigenous community.

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