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Baton Rouge, LA

Exhibit Fabrication: Explus Inc.
Exhibit Design: Christopher Chadbourne Associates, Inc.
Exhibit Graphics: Proun Design, LLC and CCA staff
Size: 32,000 sf
Opened: 2006

What does “Louisiana” mean to you? The bayou and the Great Mississippi? Creole and Cajun culture? Tasty food like jambalaya, crawfish, and gumbo? Mardi Gras? Great music like jazz and ragtime? Colorful historic personalities like Louis Armstrong and Huey Long? The Louisiana State Museum celebrates all of these things . . . and much more.

Proun, in conjunction with the staff at Christopher Chadbourne Associates developed the graphic standards for this comprehensive look at Louisiana’s natural and cultural history. The first floor of the museum focuses on the history of Louisiana and its crucial role in the development of the United States. The graphics here feature muted colors, accented by script initial caps and duo-toned images. Upstairs, exhibits on Mardi Gras, music, and the state’s vibrant culture are supported by graphics infused with vernacular typefaces, raucous color, and unconventional image treatments.

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