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Art Complex Museum


Duxbury, MA

Exhibit Design: Proun Design, LLC
Museum Consulting: Museum Insights
Media: Northern Light Productions
Fabrication: Mystic Scenic Studios
Budget: $375k
Size: 720 Sq. Ft.
Open: 2022

The Art Complex Museum was built by the Weyerhaeuser family in 1971 to provide a venue for sharing their personal collection with the public. Proun Design was contracted to convert their library into a space that allows visitors to relax and explore the history of the collection, building, and family. Selected objects are displayed in a casual environment. One corner is devoted to the interpretation of the Japanese tea ceremony and another features objects of art from the Weyerheauser family home. A large mural with custom displays is accompanied by a timeline chronicling the family, evolution of the collection, and the building of the museum. Below, drawers reveal special objects and select books invite visitors to take a deeper dive. Interactive exhibits allow visitors to curate their own show or leave comments about a favorite piece in the collection.

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