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Worcester, MA

Exhibit Design: Environmental Exhibits Collaborative
Exhibit Graphics: Proun Design, LLC
Illustration: Meghan Byrnes
Opened: 2007

Leeches, mosquitoes, and tics — OH MY!

This traveling exhibit designed in collaboration with the EcoTarium, The Children’s Museum of Maine, and Echo Leahy Center (aka the Environmental Exhibits Collaborative) explores the science of what’s eating you. Interactive exhibits invite you to sit down in front of an inflatable tic, probe a prosthetic arm for a vein, and learn how mosquitoes sense CO2, motion, and heat to find their prey. Observe live leeches in their element or take a closer look at the insects that rely on your blood for their existence.

Blood Suckers! demystifies these parasites and teaches visitors preventative measures they can take to avoid becoming their next meal.

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