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Boston Children’s Museum

Boston, MA

Exhibit Design: Karen Snider, Boston Children’s Museum
Graphic Design: Proun Design, LLC
Area: 4,000 sf
Budget: Graphics – $25,000

The PlaySpace exhibit at the Boston Children’s Museum is dedicated to the serious work of childhood: playing and growing.

Colorful environments invite children 3 and under to explore and experiment. For parents, PlaySpace is a window to their child’s world; for children, it’s a window to the world around them.

A playful logotype of dimensional cut letters set against a rotated square attracts visitors from the lobby. Children’s poems, integrated with simple illustrations of windows, wrap around columns and are set into window bays to reinforce the theme of the exhibit.

The graphic system for this exhibit complements the atmosphere of fun and learning while maintaining the function of providing information in both English and Spanish. Circles, squares, and triangles are integrated into the composition of the interpretive signs. Circular type animates the message while a simple hand drawn border in blue, softens the geometry and connects with the graphic language of the surrounding exhibits.

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