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Cambridge, MA

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
School of Engineering

Exhibit Design: Proun Design, LLC
Content Development: Sarah Morris
Fabrication: Mystic Scenic Studios, Inc
Budget: 50k

Founded on the eve of the Civil War, MIT began as a school focusing on mechanical, civil, and geological engineering.
150 years later, MIT is pioneering in fields as diverse as aeronautics, bioengineering, and nuclear science.

Proun designed an exhibit for the corridor outside of the Dean’s office that celebrates this rich history. A map of the campus printed on a slate chalk board, a common denominator throughout the history of the school, introduces the exhibit and asks the question: What are YOU working on now?

Sumptuously designed panels highlight the achievements of each of the nine engineering departments: from Doc Edgerton’s strobe photography, to the human-powered flight of the Daedalus, to the latest advances in nano technology. A timeline rail pulls the exhibit together with a comprehensive accounting of some of MIT’s most notable moments.

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