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Alston, MA

Baker Library
Harvard Business School

Exhibit Design: Proun Design, LLC
Fabrication: WB Inc.
Media: Northern Light Productions, Inc.
Budget: $50k

Before Edwin Land changed photography forever with the introduction of the Polaroid camera, he had built a successful company developing products based on polarizing filters. Glare-reducing headlight and windshield filters, goggles developed for the military during WWII, and of course, sunglasses were among the Polaroid Corporations early products. After the War, he focused on the development of instant photography. This exhibit chronicles these early years and Edwin Lands’ belief that “Industry at its best is at the intersection of science and art.”

Bold use of photography and an exhibit aesthetic based on the clean, modern advertising of the Polaroid Corporation complements the elegant lobby of the Baker Library at Harvard Business School.

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