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Normal Children's Museum


Normal, IL

Exhibit Design: Wondercabinet Interpretive Design, Inc
Exhibit Graphics: Proun Design, LLC
Fabrication: Murphy/Catton
Design and Fabrication: $800k
Size: 1,800 sf

AgMazing is a new agriculture exhibit for the Children’s Discovery Museum in Normal, Illinois. Visitors can climb aboard both a large-scaled tractor and combine, and watch point-of-view videos from the machine cabs as if they were working in the field. In the corn and soybean fields visitors are challenged to Be a Crop Detective, and search for the culprits—insects, fungus, drought, and other pests—that harm plants. At the dairy farm, visitors can milk cows with a milking machine, and at the transportation table, they can export agriculture products using trucks, trains and ships.

Graphics drawing on the vernacular of farming and the "Got Milk" campaign, along with playful illustrations help to create a welcoming and friendly environment.

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