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Biogen Idec


Cambridge, MA

Exhibit Design: Small Design Firm, Proverb, Proun Design, LLC
Exhibit Detailing: Neal Mayer
Sculpture: Plebian Design
Fabrication: Mystic Scenic Studio, Inc.
Area: 2,000sf
Opened: February 2014

biogen idec is one of the worlds leaders in biotechnology and is committed to the development of new treatments for those suffering from neurodegenerative, hematologic, and autoimmune conditions. Dramatic new exhibits at their corporate headquarters in Kendall Square, Cambridge celebrate the technology, process, and people behind this commitment. A kinetic sculpture simulates order from chaos; interactives provide information on the drug therapies being developed, the history of the company, and the people responsible for their success; and video interviews provide personal stories about lives affected.

Proun was contracted to develop and implement concepts by Small Design Firm and Proverb, and manage the fabrication and installation of the exhibits.

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