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Nation Park Services


Beaufort, NC

You should be very proud—It looks great!
Patrick Kenney, Superintendent, Cape Lookout National Seashore NPS

Exhibit Fabrication: Mystic Scenic Studios, Inc.
Exhibit Design: Wondercabinet Interpretive Design Inc.
Exhibit Graphics: Proun Design,LLC
Photography: Miriam Sutton, Brittney Brown, Scott Taylor, Brandon Pucket and others
Budget: 500k

Do you want to see the wild horses on Shackleford Island? Or take in the vista from the top of the Cape Lookout light house? Or spend the weekend camping on the Core Banks? Designed as a gateway to the southern tip of the Outer Banks, the new Visitor Center at Beaufort, N.C. orients visitors to the myriad destinations available to them by ferry or private boat. Interpretive and interactive graphics provide a snapshot of the options and help prepare travelers for an enjoyable and safe visit to this wild and beautiful strip of barrier islands.

The graphic aesthetic for the exhibits draws on the natural landscape and cultural history of the region. Layouts mirror the vast horizontal vistas and open spaces of the dunes and oceans. Stunning photography and a color palette that draws on the bleached sand, azure skies, and deep grey mud flats dominate the composition of the exhibits.

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