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Allentown, PA

I’ll never forget looking at your designs for the first time and being blown away.
—Robert Fox, Associate Director

Exhibit Design: J.Jensen Design
Exhibit Graphics: Proun Design, LLC
Area: 10,000 sf
Opened: 2005

Curiasita: seek the truth
Senzione: sharpen awareness
Arte/Scienza: cultivate balance

These are three of the seven principals of Leonardo DaVinci upon which the curators of the DaVinci Discovery Center based the programming and design of their new center in Allentown, PA. The DaVinci Discovery Center of Science and Technology encourages kids to be “Renaissance Thinkers” by being curious, testing ideas, recording observations, and developing critical and creative thinking skills.

A graphic system comprised of color-coded panels inspired by scientific flow charts encourage inquiry and critical thinking at hands-on workstations throughout the galleries.

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