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Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Worcester, MA

"Everyone LOVED the exhibit. Lots of nice compliments from the higher-ups, and students are still stopping to have a good look. Many thanks for your patience and tact."

Kathleen Markees
Preservation Librarian, Gordon Library, WPI

Exhibit Design: Proun Design, LLC
Fabrication: Aries Custom Works
Graphic Fabrication: Advanced Imaging
Budget: $30k
Opened: 2012

At Worcester Polytechnic Institute, it IS rocket science! Profiles in Innovation is a new exhibit at the Gordon Library that celebrates a few of it's alum that have made major contributions to technology. Robert Goddard, class of 1908, was the father of modern rocketry and Richard Whitcomb, class of 1943, developed aerodynamic wing designs that enabled super-sonic flight. Exhibit cases featuring some of their models and personal affects illuminate their achievements. Additional cases display changing exhibits on more current subjects.

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